Another year of bringing the happy, when it’s mattered most.

Yup, the rumours are true. We are TWELVE years old today! 

If I’m honest, I didn’t expect to be celebrating this birthday in lockdown… again. Who could have predicted.

4,380 days ago I was a fresh-faced teenager, living at home with abnormal amounts of energy and drive. And a dream to run a people-first business in an industry I loved.

One financial crash and a global pandemic later, we’re STILL standing… with the same level of passion and excitement I had at 18. Unsure I could have predicted that one either.

Despite the setbacks and the pains of 2020, we’re busy planning our revival. We’ve already launched Clownfish Studios and in the coming months, we’ll be launching Clownfish Films (our video creation service). If you’d like to be the first to know more, register your interest here.

For now, we’re running ‘hybrid’, ‘virtual’ and ‘studio’ events for a range of birthday, corporate and charity clients. If you’re unsure what those jargony words mean, just ask.

We’re also getting excited about the upcoming *FREEDOM* day, and we’d love to talk to you about technical production and entertainment hire for events in the flesh. Yes, actual real life!

As we enter our 13th year today, we’d LOVE you to be part of this new chapter for whatever you’re planning in the events and media world. 

Thanks for continuing to be part of the Clownfish story. It means the world. Now, more than ever.