In April, Clownfish Events will celebrate its 10th birthday. In the spirit of social media’s #10yearchallenge, we’re asking everyone at Clownfish HQ to tell us their Milestone Moment and we’ll share them with you every Thursday from now until the end of April. First up, of course, is our MD and the founder of Clownfish Events, Matt Turner.

This week’s Milestone Moment is brought to you by Matt Turner, MD and founder of Clownfish Events, seen here in the centre of this oh-so-professional sound and lighting rig back in 2006 (see below!). 

Before Clownfish Events, there was M&J Stage Productions. Matt and his mate Johnny, aged just 16, cobbled together the funds to buy their first equipment and did the rounds of local church halls, youth clubs and community centres.

This shot was taken at a school disco in a hall on Lindesfarne Road in Wimbledon. Neither of the boys could drive, so Matt’s dad had to transport them and all their gear in the back of his Toyota Previa. 

It’s a far cry from Wimbledon Bookfest, but we love their early attempts at marketing – and the uniforms were, as they still are, on point.