Parties at Home: DIY vs Events Company

5 Common Objections To Throwing a Party At Home With an Events Company

Hosting a party at your home can be a lot of fun, but it can also be a lot of work. That’s why many people choose to bring in an events company to help them plan and execute the perfect party. But, as with anything, there are always objections and concerns. Here are the five most common objections we hear about using an events company for a party at home, and why they’re not as big of a deal as you might think.

1. “It’s JUST not worth the money”

You might be worried that hiring an events company is too expensive, but remember that they’ll take care of everything from setup to cleanup, so you won’t have to worry about running around making sure everything is just right. Plus, having a professional team handling the party means you can actually enjoy yourself instead of stressing about the details.

2. “I don’t want to be charged a premium for event suppliers”

While it’s true that some events companies may charge a premium for their services, it’s important to shop around and find one that fits your budget. Many events companies offer a variety of packages to choose from, so you can find one that works for you.

3. “What if my guests think it’s too flashy?”

It’s natural to be worried about what others will think, but remember that it’s your party and you should do what makes you happy. Plus, a professional events company will work with you to create a party that reflects your style and personality, so there’s no need to worry about it being too flashy.

4. “I don’t have a contact at an events company I trust”

It can be hard to know where to start when it comes to finding a reliable events company. A good place to start is by asking friends and family for recommendations or looking for online reviews. And remember, an events company that is well-established, with a good reputation, is more likely to provide a great service.

5. “I’m an organised person, I’ll just do it myself”

While it’s true that you’re probably more than capable of planning and executing a great party, remember that hiring an events company can take a lot of the stress and work off your plate, so you can actually enjoy yourself and be present for the party.

So, hiring an events company for a party at home can be a great idea, but it’s important to consider your budget, style, and trust in the company. There are many events companies out there to choose from, and it’s worth doing some research to find one that fits your needs and budget. By taking the time to find the right company and addressing any concerns you might have, you can ensure that your party is a success and you can enjoy it with your guests.

Katie’s 50th Birthday Party

Katie hosted her party at home and has some advice for those “umming & ahing about bringing an events company in”.

Whether you decide to use an events company for your party or not, we hope you found this article useful!