Flipbooks 2
Friday Fun

Flipbook Studio


If you’re looking for a clever giveaway for guests at your Christmas party, how about hiring a Flipbook Studio?

Guests grab a prop, step in front of the camera and act out a scene that lasts around 7 seconds.

Dancing, fight scenes and farce all work really well - and your friendly Clownfish host is on hand to help with directing!

Within a couple of minutes, your movie is transformed into stop-motion animation in a printed, pocket-sized flip-book for everyone to take home with them.

It’s a great ice breaker for corporate events; a lovely way to make memories at a wedding or party; and we guarantee your guests will love their little books.

Find out more and hire it here.

Pong table close up
Friday Fun

Atari Pong Arcade Table


This retro-styled Atari Pong Arcade Table makes an awesome addition to a party, exhibition stand or corporate event.

Its designers have taken the classic Atari game and created a fully mechanical, two-player version, housed inside a really cool coffee table.

We’d love it… no, we NEED it in our meeting room - but unfortunately our clients want to hire it out all the time.

Get in line to book it for your next event here.

Woodlands Park_Surf Simulator
Friday Fun

Surf’s Up!


If you’re missing the beach or hankering after Hawaii this summer, hire our Surf Simulator for your next event

Similar in concept to a Rodeo Bull, the idea is to stay upright on your board for as long as possible. If you stack it, there’s no need to worry about getting wet - you’ll land comfortably in the dry, inflatable ‘waves’ below.

The Surf Simulator can be used outside or indoors, so it’s a great option if you’re not confident that the sun will shine!

Find out more and book it here.

Friday Fun

Keep cool and carry on


When the heat is on, a cool drink is the only way to go - and you can’t get much cooler than a slushie.

A treat for adults and kids alike, our self-service machine has three tanks for three different colours and flavours and comes with enough ingredients and accessories to make up to 100 portions per hour.

Choose your flavours to match your event theme, or just pick the ones you like best!

Find out more and book it here.

Rhinefield Mirror Booth
Friday Fun

The Mirror Booth


The Mirror Booth is our most glamorous photo booth by far - perfect for a party where style is a priority.

A clever, two-way screen means guests can interact with the mirror without the need for an additional interface. They see their reflection, strike a pose, then use the screen to personalise their images with messages, ‘stickers’ and more.

Because it’s so gorgeous in its own right, the Mirror Booth doesn’t need a fancy backdrop. It also has a small footprint, so we can set it up almost anywhere.

Find out more here, or give us a call to book it for your next event.

VR Heasdet Experience
Friday Fun

Virtual Reality Experiences


If mindfulness is on your mind this summer, our Virtual Reality Experience can be set up to offer relaxation and visualisation exercises for weary employees and business travellers who need to reset.

Each experience can be completely customised to your event. You could incorporate it into a relaxation zone at a conference, such as the one at this CEO Event; or as a way to swtich off and have fun at the end of a busy team building day.

Whatever you decide, this is an experience that your guests will remember - and talk about! - for months to come.

Find out more and book it here.

Gas Flambeaux 1
Friday Fun

Make your entrance


When you’re planning a party, it’s all too easy to focus on what’s happening inside - but a dramatic front door will take your evening from standard to spectacular.

A pair of gas flambeaux flanking the entrance to your event can make all the difference.

It’s a simple trick that oozes glamour and grandeur; add a red carpet, posts and ropes if you really want to push the boat out!

Browse more of our event furniture here.

Giant Deckchairs
Friday Fun

Time for a giant nap?


If all this summer fun is wearing you out, kick back for a snooze in one of our giant deckchairs!

Each of these huge, candy-striped chairs will fit at least three of your mates in at once and make for a superb photo opp.

Why not hire a Selfie Pod too, to do the snapping for you?

Hire a pair of Giant Deckchairs here.

Patio Heaters 3
Friday Fun

Turn up the heat this summer


Even in the height of summer, things can get a bit nippy after sunset.

If you’re hosting an outdoor event this year, consider hiring a pair of patio heaters so that you can keep your guests warm and the atmosphere buzzing even when the temperature drops.

Ours are super stylish and won’t detract from your decor. Find out more and book them here.