Case Study




Type of Event

Staff Christmas Party

Christmas jumpers, Secret Santa and some slightly suspect dancefloor moves… who doesn’t love a work Christmas party?!

In 2017, Clownfish created some epic festive fun for companies across the UK – this party for staff at the Rhinefield House Hotel was one of our favourites. 

The brief

After a successful winter season, the General Manager of the Rhinefield House Hotel called in Clownfish to help him say ‘thank you’ to his staff.

With teams based all over the hotel – front of house, catering, housekeeping and more – our brief was to create an evening of celebration and entertainment that would bring everyone together to relax and let their hair down.

Event design

The hotel setting was already grand and ornate, but we can’t resist a little embellishment here and there!

We added Narnia-style streetlamps and festoon lighting for atmosphere; an illuminated drinks bar and a dance floor; then upped the entertainment x-factor with some incredible games and experiences. 

Virtual Reality Headsets

Once the domain of silicon valley techno-nerds, VR headsets are now super accessible and highly entertaining – for users and spectators alike.

For this event, we set up a Crystal Maze-style challenge, where one player was tasked to defuse a ‘bomb’ via the VR headset with help from the team on the ‘outside’. A steady hand, great communication skills and supportive team-mates are essential for this one! 

Mirror Booth

Step away from the selfie-stick! The Mirror Booth is a far classier way to capture the action.

This good-looking, interactive booth uses clever two-way mirror technology so that guests see their reflection before photos are taken. Once they are happy with their snap, they can use the touchscreen to add messages and captions, then print off a copy to take home. 

Mash Machine

This ingenious piece of kit enables party-goers to make their own kind of Christmas music and play to the crowd. Even the least musically-minded will get the hang of it in minutes.

Each player controls a set of coloured blocks – red for drums, blue for baselines, green for melodies and yellow for vocals. Simply add, remove and slide your blocks around the table to create your very own Christmas number one!

Gourmet burgers

Turkey schmurkey. After serving hotel guests a traditional Christmas meal for weeks on end, the last thing the staff wanted at their party was more of the same. A gourmet burger streetfood van kept things fresh and modern – and not a brussels sprout in sight! 

Snowboard Simulator

Of all the parties we host, office ones are the most competitive. A snowboard simulator fitted the wintry theme perfectly – loads of fun, loads of laughter, and a Top Gear-style leaderboard to keep track of those all-important scores. 

T-shirt design and print

The ultimate giveaway!

Each guest went home with a uniquely personalised t-shirt, designed by their colleagues and printed on the spot. Guests snapped and customised their images on a Digital Graffiti Wall, then Clownfish Matt B set about creating some haute couture, Clownfish style.