Case Study

Surrey Sports Park, Surrey



At the end of each season, the Surrey Storm Netball Team host a dinner to celebrate their success on and off the court. This year, we were thrilled to be called upon to deliver something spectacular.

The brief

To provide a space for the team to reflect on their achievements and enjoy a well-deserved celebration.

Our approach

To create a sophisticated dinner setting with beautiful lighting and a stage for speeches and awards, as well as screens to showcase highlights from the season.

We used moving lights to set the mood for the dinner and highlighted the stage with some ‘eye-candy’ feature lighting. Multiple screens ensured that all the attention was on the team’s achievements.

We also focused on creating a seamless transition from the dinner to the ‘club scene’ with a dancefloor, DJ, and mirror booth for the team to let loose and celebrate.

Overall, the event was a success in providing a fitting way for the team to reflect on their achievements and celebrate the end of the season. We were happy to play a role in making it happen and hope that the team had a great time celebrating their success.