Clownfish Stories

Clownfish Stories


Bursar, Marymount International School

“It doesn’t matter which staff arrive, we always get the same service delivery. They work really well with our students, with our staff, with our guests as well too, and that’s really important in a school environment.”

Suzie Neuwirth

Founder & Editor-in-Chief, Peer2Peer Finance News

“It was so important to me that this event went well. It was the first awards event for the magazine… we had so much good feedback, the atmosphere was great, the production worked so well. I just couldn’t say enough good things about it.”

Chris Hickford MBE

CEO, The Eikon Charity

“Our fundraising has gone up significantly, a really big step up in our income levels because of the higher professionalism that we’re delivering with these events.”

Diana Sterck

CEO, Merton Chamber of Commerce

“What I love about the Clownfish team is their can-do attitude. Nothing’s too big a problem, it’s resolved and you end up really with what I would call a perfect event.”

James Pickles

Sales Director, Toluna

“We had to spend no energy at all worrying about anything working correctly … because of what Clownfish were providing.”

Katie McCormack

50th Birthday Party

“I was completely chilled from start to finish and that’s what made the family happy because I wasn’t stressed. It just worked really really well. I can’t say how happy I was.”

Jess Valentine

Marketing Manager, Surrey Sports Park

“The biggest thing on the day was the complete transformation of the room… It was essentially a big studio before and they completely transformed it into what was an incredible gala dinner”

Jonathan Dart

Finance Director, BECK

“The Clownfish team really made the whole day happen in a way that enabled BECK to carry on and enjoy themselves.”

Michiko Delucia

Manager, Shinnyo-en Buddhist Centre

“The young team at Clownfish energises me and makes me look forward to the event itself… it makes it a really fun thing to be involved in rather than full of just stress and worries and so on.”