Shinnyo-en UK Temple, Surrey


Type of Event
Community Event

Supporting moments of reflection and appreciation.

Every summer families, mixed faith groups and community representatives gather at the Shinnyo-en UK Temple for a traditional Buddhist lantern floating ceremony.

With its origins in the ancient Japanese custom of remembering loved ones who have passed away, the lanterns now also represent participants' hopes and wishes as they float them away on the temple’s lake.

Shinnyo Festival_Lake

The brief

The ceremony itself forms part of a wider celebration, as visitors are welcomed into the temple grounds to enjoy a picnic, live music and drumming workshops.

Clownfish’s job is to provide staging, sound and lighting that brings the whole event together.

Shinnyo Festival_Outdoor Lighting

Unique considerations

The atmosphere at the ceremony is relaxed, informal and family-friendly, however it is important for everyone in our team to understand that it is a spiritual occasion and they must be respectful of that.

Before every event, our staff are thoroughly briefed on what is expected of them. Whether it’s loud and lively or calm and considered, each project is unique and our approach adapts accordingly.

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Our box of tricks

  • Shinnyo Festival_Speaker

    Modular stage blocks to host musicians, speakers and workshops.

  • Shinnyo Festival_Mixing Desk 2

    A sound system to broadcast performances across the temple grounds.

  • Shinnyo Festival_Flood Lights

    Practical lighting to illuminate the car park, pathways and toilet facilities.

  • Shinnyo Festival_Outdoor Wireless Uplighters

    Ambient lighting to create atmosphere and a sense of occasion.