Experiential marketing breathes life into your brand. Immerse your consumers in something they’ll remember and your messages are more likely to stick.

If you’re looking for a hands-on approach to your next exhibition, trade show, store launch or brand activation you’ve come to the right place. We don’t do off-the-shelf (even though we have a warehouse full of things-on-shelves) but we do do:

  • Tailored event management from concept to clear-up
  • Fun, quirky and unusual mechanics designed to draw a crowd
  • Professional brand ambassadors to maximise customer interactions
  • Branded equipment skins to get your message across, printed and applied in-house

Client Branding Examples

  • Branded Cash Grabber

    Branded Cash Grabber

  • Branded High Striker

    Branded High Striker

  • Branded Photo Booth

    Branded Photo Booth

  • Branded Popcorn

    Branded Popcorn

  • Branded Surf Sim

    Branded Surfboard Simulator

  • Branded Laser Tag

    Branded Area 51 Laser Tag

  • Shopping Centre Branding

    Branding for Centre Court Shopping Centre

  • Branded Toffee Apple Cart

    Branded Toffee Apple Cart

  • Wimbledon Bookfest

    Branded TVs for Wimbledon Bookfest

  • Shopping Centre

    Branded shopping centre set

  • Branded Candy Floss

    Branded Candy Floss