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Christmas Entertainment

Festive fun for all your guests! From state-of-the-art photo opportunities to competitive games and fun foods, we’ll help you sprinkle some Christmas magic.

View Roll-a-Ball Reindeer
Roll A Ball Racing Derby Clownfish Events Woodlands Christmas Roll a Ball Corporate Party Woodlands

Roll-a-Ball Reindeer

£995 ex. VAT/1day

View Snow Globe Experience
Snow globe photographer Clownfish events Snow Globe Rhinefield

Snow Globe Experience

£1750 ex. VAT/4hr

View Jingle Bell Jukebox
Clownfish Events Mash Machine Party Corporate Woodlands Christmas Mash Machine Game Clownfish Events Woodlands

Jingle Bell Jukebox

£695 ex. VAT/1day

View Snowman Alley
Christmas Corporate Party Ideas Fetcham Tin Can Alley Snowman Alley Hire Fetcham

Snowman Alley

£595 ex. VAT/1day

View Reindeer Hoopla
Reindeer Hoopla Christmas Sidestalls Clownfish Events Fetcham Hoopla Christmas Party Planners London Fetcham

Reindeer Hoopla

£595 ex. VAT/1day

View Snowconut Shy
Christmas Sidestalls Coconut Shy Fetcham Coconut Shy Party London Surrey Fetcham

Snowconut Shy

£595 ex. VAT/1day

View Christmas Quackers
Christmas Sidestalls Fetcham Christmas Hook a Duck Sidestall Party Fetcham

Christmas Quackers

£595 ex. VAT/1day

View Snownado
Snownado Christmas Party Games Cash Grabber Woodlands Ballnado Cash Grabber Snownado Christmas Corporate Party Woodlands


£595 ex. VAT/4hr

View Giant Christmas Book
Giant Christmas Book Clownfish Events Woodlands Christmas Giant Book Prop Photographer Clownfish Events Woodlands

Giant Christmas Book

£1475 ex. VAT/4hr

View Christmas Pick ‘N’ Mix Cart
Christmas Pick n Mix Cart Woodlands Pick n Mix Christmas Clownfish Events Woodlands

Christmas Pick ‘N’ Mix Cart

£850 ex. VAT/1day

View Christmas Popcorn
Christmas Popcorn Cart SS Clownfish Events Woodlands Christmas Popcorn Bag Party Woodlands

Christmas Popcorn

£495 ex. VAT/1day

View The Christmas Entrance
Christmas entrance Clownfish events Christmas entrance lantern candle

The Christmas Entrance

£1075 ex. VAT/1day

View Winter Wonderland Scene
Snow globe party christmas Patio heaters christmas festoon

Winter Wonderland Scene

£2995 ex. VAT/4hr

View LED Table Football
LED Table Football Arcade Clownfish Events Woodlands Table Football Christmas Party Ideas Clownfish Events Woodlands

LED Table Football

£275 ex. VAT/1day

View The Chalet Booth
Woodlands Park_Chalet Booth Chalet Booth

The Chalet Booth

£575 ex. VAT/4hr

View Snowboard Simulator
Snowboard Simulator Hire London Indoor Winter Wonderland_Snowboard Simulator

Snowboard Simulator

£475 ex. VAT/4hr

View Rodeo Reindeer
rodeo reindeer school fair Winter Wonderland_Rodeo Reindeer

Rodeo Reindeer

£495 ex. VAT/4hr

View Snow Cube
Snow Cube Indoor Games Christmas Hire Snow Cube 4d Experience

Snow Cube

£575 ex. VAT/4hr

View Mirror Booth
Rhinefield Mirror Booth Rhinefield Mirror Booth 4

Mirror Booth

£595 ex. VAT/4hr

View Gas Flambeaux
Gas Flambeaux Hire Fire Woodlands christmas entrance wreath Clownfish Events

Gas Flambeaux

£375 ex. VAT/1day

View Festoon and Lampposts Package
Victorian lamppost garden lighting garden festoon lighting

Festoon and Lampposts Package

£800 ex. VAT/1day

View Illuminated Drinks Bar
Illuminated bar Rhinefield House Jeff Jonny Edited Illuminated Drinks Bar LED Bar Hire Charlottes Hen Do

Illuminated Drinks Bar

£575 ex. VAT/1day

View Professional DJ Package
DJ setup Clownfish Events Will 18th DJ Dan

Professional DJ Package

£995 ex. VAT/1day

View Patio Heaters
Patio Heaters 3 Patio Heaters Clownfish Events Outdoor Furniture

Patio Heaters

£375 ex. VAT/1day