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Retro Arcade Games

Gaming that spans from 80's retro to the latest virtual reality tech… there’s something for every guest in our top-of-the-range retro arcade games.

View Batak Pro
Batak Pro lady Batak Pro 1

Batak Pro

£550 ex. VAT/4hr

View Scalextric Slot Car Racing
Scalextric Saffery Gameopoly scalextric 2

Scalextric Slot Car Racing

£695 ex. VAT/4hr

View World’s Largest PAC-MAN
Giant Pacman 7 Giant Pacman 1

World’s Largest PAC-MAN

£995 ex. VAT/4hr

View Roll-A-Ball Derby
Roll a Ball Racing Derby Game Corporate Party Woodlands Roll a Ball Derby Horse Racing Game Character Corporate Party Hire London Surrey Woodlands
Roll a Ball Racing Funfair Game Hire Ducks Game Clownfish Events Corporate Party Ideas Woodlands /images/Roll_a_Ball_Racing_Fairground_Game_Hire_Clownfish_Events_Host_JC_Woodlands.jpg

Roll-A-Ball Derby

£995 ex. VAT/4hr

View Mash Machine
Rhinefield Mash Machine 3 Rhinefield Mash Machine 5

Mash Machine

£695 ex. VAT/4hr

View 360 VR Experience
VR 5 VR 9

360 VR Experience

£1295 ex. VAT/4hr

View Pixel Play
Pixel Play Saffery pixel play 2

Pixel Play

£475 ex. VAT/1day

View Atari Pong® Arcade Table
Pong Table 1 Jonny Edited Atari Pong

Atari Pong® Arcade Table

£475 ex. VAT/1day

View Strike a Light (4 player)
Strike a Light 4 Player 3 Strike a Light 4 Player 4

Strike a Light (4 player)

£425 ex. VAT/1day

View Motor Racing Simulators
Racing Simulator 3 F1 Racing Simulators

Motor Racing Simulators

£875 ex. VAT/4hr

View Cash Grabber
British Airways_Cash Grabber (1) (copy) Saffery cash grabber
Christmas Cash Grabber Party Hire London Surrey NF Woodlands /images/Cash_Grabber_1.jpg

Cash Grabber

£575 ex. VAT/4hr

View Strike a Light (2 player)
Strike a Light British Airways_Strike a Light 2 (copy)

Strike a Light (2 player)

£350 ex. VAT/1day

View Retro Arcade Machine
JC Edited Retro Arcade Machine Hire London Rhinefield Retro Arcade Machine

Retro Arcade Machine

£350 ex. VAT/1day

View Saw Bones
Rhinefield Saw Bones Saw Bones

Saw Bones

£350 ex. VAT/1day

View LED Air Hockey Table
Air Hockey air_hockey

LED Air Hockey Table

£275 ex. VAT/1day

View LED Table Tennis
Table Tennis table tennis hire

LED Table Tennis

£275 ex. VAT/1day

View Retro Arcade Package
Retro arcade scene Clownfish Event corporate party retro arcade machine indoor games

Retro Arcade Package

£3665 ex. VAT/4hr

View LED Table Football
LED Table Football Arcade Clownfish Events Woodlands Table Football Christmas Party Ideas Clownfish Events Woodlands

LED Table Football

£275 ex. VAT/1day

View Prize Crane
Photo Coming Soon Photo Coming Soon

Prize Crane

£900 ex. VAT/1day