Scalextric Slot Car Racing

8 player game

From £995

This large-scale Scalextric pits eight drivers against each other in a pint-sized Grand Prix.

At 4.5 metres long, with in-built spotlights, the track is an impressive centrepiece that is guaranteed to draw a crowd.

It features a computerised scoring system (no cheating!) and a super-reliable, high quality track construction.

A great addition to a party or corporate event, it's also a crowd-pleaser at exhibitions and promotions. The 'Top Gear'-style leaderboard means you can keep track of scores and use it to run an on-the-spot incentive or competition.


  • 8 lane track
  • Track spotlights
  • Illuminated surround
  • Recorded lap times
  • Live race updates
  • Pro speakers
  • ‘Top Gear’ style leaderboard


  • Equipment size:  4.5m wide x 1.25m deep
  • Operational area:  6m wide x 3m deep
  • Surface required:  Flat surface indoors
  • Power requirements:  1 x standard 13amp household socket
  • Access requirements:  Fits through a standard domestic doorway


How many people can play at once?

How does the scoring work?

Do I have to count the laps myself?

Aren’t slot car tracks notoriously unreliable?

Can I brand this?

Can I put this outside?