Jingle Bell Jukebox

4 player game

From £795

Be your own Christmas party DJ with this incredible music mixing machine that lets you create original, festive tunes to play to your crowd.

This Christmas take on our Mash Machine is like a juke box for the digital age – but rather than popping a coin in the slot and choosing a song, you make your own music.

Each of up to four players controls a set of mini snow globes: Christmas trees for drums, stockings for basslines, snowmen for melodies and Santas for vocals. Each snow globe plays a different sample as you place it into the centre.

As you add and remove your snow globes, you’ll start to create an original track. Slide the globes around the board to add phase, flanger and echo effects as your unique composition plays to the crowd.

Our Jingle Bell Jukebox comes in its very own 'Christmas jumper' that's designed by us. Before long, you'll be mixing your own Christmas Number 1!


  • A Christmas music theme and also a variety of other genres
  • 32 x snow globe music blocks
  • Crystal clear Bose speakers or 4 x sets of wireless headphones
  • Chirstmas themed outer wrap


  • Equipment size: 0.65m wide x 0.65m deep x 1m tall
  • Operational area: 3m wide x 3m deep
  • Surface required: Flat surface indoors
  • Power requirements: 1 x standard 13amp household socket
  • Access requirements: Fits through a standard domestic doorway


How on EARTH does this work?!
I already have a DJ – won’t this clash?
How many people can play?
Do I have to have Christmas music?
Can I create my own soundbank?
What kind of event is this great for?