The Christmas Entrance

From £1,295

Everything you need for a stunningly festive front door.

Set the tone for your Christmas party the moment your guests arrive. This package is designed to help you make a fabulous first impression!

Together, these will transform the outside of your venue into a perfect, Christmassy scene that is guaranteed to take your guests' breath away.


  • 2 x 6ft Christmas trees to flank the door
  • 2 x gas flambeaux to provide light and drama
  • A red carpet, cut to your required length and properly installed
  • Posts and red ropes to create a walkway
  • Storm lanterns with candles
  • A snow machine
  • Wireless uplighters to illuminate the facade of your building
  • Optional fresh door wreath(s) and garlands, if required


What’s this great for?
What is the snow made of?
What if my doorway isn’t this grand?!
Are the trees real?
Are the flames on the candles and flambeaux real?
Can I turn the snow machine up/down?
Can I mix and match this package?