Uplighters Package

From £500

Set the tone with easy-to-install coloured lighting.

These uplighters are a great choice for adding colour and lighting effects at indoor events. By illuminating dark corners, they can even make your space seem bigger than it really is.

Because they are wireless, you can place these little lights anywhere you like without worrying about sockets and trip hazards. Use them to highlight key parts of your event decor, or to cast a coloured glow that fits your theme.

Each light can be set to emit any colour you choose, or to move through a range of colours. Ask our engineers how to get the best from them - they will be happy to help.


  • Either 6, 12 or 18 wireless uplighters (depending on your preference) 
  • A huge array of colours 
  • Clownfish Team to install


  • Surface required: Flat surface indoors or outdoors
  • Power requirements: none required
  • Access requirements: Fits through a standard domestic doorway


Which colours can I choose from?

What power do the Uplighters require?

How big are the lights?