Gourmet Toffee Apple Cart

£1500.00 ex. VAT

Fun, vintage and super sweet, our Gourmet Toffee Apple Cart is one of our favourite fun food options.

A professional, food hygiene qualified server will dip and flavour your apple right in front of you at our specially-adapted bicycle cart.

We have a choice of traditional or kooky flavours, including:

Traditional Toffee

Popping Candy Crystals

Coconut Flakes

Cherry Delight

The cart’s large umbrella makes it ideal for outdoor events, come rain or shine.

For a standard 4 hour hire rate we can make up to 250 apples (included in the cost); if you are expecting loads of guests or want more apples we can pre-make and wrap them ready for your event. Get in touch for more details.

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  • A charming Clownfish host
  • Retro Toffee Apple Cart complete with umbrella
  • Unlimited apples
  • A choice of flavours and toppings


  • Equipment size: 3m wide x 3m deep x 3m tall
  • Operational area: 4m wide x 4m deep x 3.2m tall (with umbrella)
  • Surface required: Flat surface indoors
  • Power requirements: 1 x standard 13amp household socket
  • Access requirements: Fits through a standard domestic doorway
Toffee apple cart house of fraser
Toffee Apple Cart
Toffee Apples Lined Up
Single Toffee Apple Branded
HOF Toffee Apples


  • For a standard 4 hour hire rate we can make up to 250 apples at a pop so that’s just over 60 per hour.
    If you are expecting loads of guests at your event and want more apples just ask and we can pre-make and wrap apples at £500+vat per additional 250 batch.

  • Absolutely! Traditional Toffee, Popping Candy Crystals, Coconut Flakes or Cherry Delight. Just ask our team today about choosing a different flavour for your event.

  • The clue is in the name! Every portion is one toffee apple with the toppings of your choice.

  • Of course we can! There are 250 apples included in the hire rate, if you would like more we can pre-make and wrap apples at £500+vat per additional 250 batch.

Branded Back Panel

£395.00 ex. VAT

Customise the Toffee Apple Cart with your logo or a message that fits your event.

Toffee Apple Tags

£175.00 ex. VAT

Personalised tags applied to each toffee apple stick.

Gourmet Toffee Apple Cart with

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Clownfish were a pleasure to work with right from the very first email. Callum Sewell was very helpful after the initial enquiry and was prompt and friendly when answering emails. Nathan Fox delivered and ran the equipment brilliantly on the day. I would definitely use Clownfish again and recommend them very highly for their professionalism, friendliness and brilliant service.
Elaine M.


We are so pleased with the service provided by clownfish. Always their team are exceptionally outstanding and were great when interacting with our young people for our event. Overall it was fantastic and we know we can count on clownfish for any event in the future we have.
Yasmin G.