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Rodeo Bull

Otherwise known as a Bucking Bronco, this is a winner for all ages - as much fun for the spectator as the rider! Stay on as long as you can, whilst the bull furiously bucks and spins.

The Rodeo Bull ride comes complete with an inflated ‘arena’ to cushion any falls and large LED display timers. The beast can be tamed to deliver a moderate ride suitable for younger children (or older grandparents!), but is at its best when set free to be as wild as it wishes.

We always supply a trained and experienced operator who will run the Rodeo Bull safely on your behalf for the duration of the hire. For safety and insurance reasons, the minimum rider age is 10 and the minimum rider height is 1.2m.

The Rodeo Bull can be hired as the centrepiece of a fully themed Wild West Party. We’ll add barrels, cacti, wagon wheels and haystacks; just ask your guests to dress up for an unforgettable experience. Yee-haw!

Great for
Corporate entertaining, private parties, youth events, team building, summer fairs.

Space required
Indoor or outdoor flat grass or hard surface with access to power.

Branding options

£450 Ex. VAT

*Prices are subject to VAT and delivery

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