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View Building Colour Wash
Will 18th house lighting Tom's 18th House lighting

Building Colour Wash

£500 ex. VAT/1day

View Club/Disco Lighting
Will 18th party 7 Debbie 50th case study lights truss

Club/Disco Lighting

£790 ex. VAT/1day

View Stage Lighting
Lighting Rigging Bookfest Clownfish Events

Stage Lighting

£275 ex. VAT/1day

View Uplighters Package
Uplighters Package Indoor Lighting Ideas Clownfish Events Woodlands Wireless Uplighters

Uplighters Package

£300 ex. VAT/1day

View Conference Production
Conference Tent Pa system bookfest lights sound

Conference Production

£1500 ex. VAT/1day

View Silent Disco
Silent Disco Wireless Headphones Hire Wireless Headphones Silent Disco Amazon Pride

Silent Disco

£500 ex. VAT/1day

View Truss Goalposts
Stage Lighting Stage Truss Goalpost Bose Speakers Centre Court

Truss Goalposts

£400 ex. VAT/1day

View LED Screens
LED Display Bosh led screen dj stand branded bose speakers

LED Screens

£300 ex. VAT/1day

View Garden Lighting Package
Garden Lighting Festoon Uplighters Bush Clownfish Events Woodlands Garden Lighting Festoon and Coloured Uplighters Hire London Surrey Woodlands

Garden Lighting Package

£900 ex. VAT/1day

View Festoon Lighting
Festoon Clownfish Events S&J speech

Festoon Lighting

£400 ex. VAT/1day

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