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Starlit Dancefloor

A state-of-the-art starlit dancefloor (also known as an LED dancefloor) boasting hundreds of bright white lights built into jet-black floor panels for a sensational starlit effect.

Ideal for weddings, balls, discos, bar mitzvahs and birthdays, this floor will transform your venue and wow your guests. We’ll give you (or your DJ) a remote control to enable either static or ‘twinkling’ LEDs.

All our dancefloors are fully insured and supplied in immaculate, polished condition. Please note that we can only set up a dancefloor on a flat, level surface. The floor sits 2.8cm off the ground; edging is bevelled and coated with anti-slip aluminium for safe access.

Great for
Corporate entertaining, private parties, balls and discos, weddings.

Space required
Indoor or outdoor flat grass or hard surface with access to power; modular sizes up to 12ft x 12ft for around 100 dancers.


*All prices are subject to VAT, delivery and a minimum order value of £750+VAT

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