The Wellness Zone

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Feeling frazzled? Maybe it’s time to dial things down a notch.

Set up a wellness zone at your next event and treat tired colleagues and worn-out party people to a little me-time.

This package is designed to create the perfect space for taking a bit of time out. It’s a great option for conferences and exhibitions, where guests might welcome a few minutes' peace.

How do we build this, you ask?

We lay a faux grass floor down and hang green drapes to help section off your wellness zone. We then supply an array of potted plants; eggpod chairs (super comfy and cosy!); magazines and a seated area and to top it all off, Virtual Reality headsets with guided meditation and mindfulness journeys.

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  • A bunch of Clownfish team
  • VR Headsets with guided meditiation
  • Faux grass
  • Green draping
  • Potted plants
  • Eggpod chairs
  • Magazines
  • Seating
VR Heasdet Experience
Aviva 3
Event Lighting and Foliage AVIVA
Aviva 2
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Lovely staff both in the office and who come to work at events. A pleasure to deal with them and would absolutely recommend them to event organisers.
Cathy B.


Great games and really good customer service. Onsite team was amazing, our guests loved the games.
Nergis Y.