Ice Skating Rink wm
12x8m Ice Rink | £24,000+vat. Can be built in 10x6m configuration also. Includes everything you need - 40 pairs of ice skates, bespoke built trollies, skate aids etc. Made by Xtraice. Great condition. Pro photos and video included, plus referall of our events.
Bouncy Castle 1
15x12ft Bouncy Castle | £950+vat. Made by Inflatable World. Good condition. No fan. PIPA tested.
Laser Tag wm
Area 51 Laser Tag | £8,500+vat. 12 Laser Guns in flightcase. Inflatable by Airquee. Laser Guns by Zone Laser. Mint condition Laser Guns - recently went through an extensive service. Great condition inflatable maze. No fan. RPII tested.
Surf Simulator wm
Surf Simulator. GS Engineering - 2 years old. Great condition. Includes bespoke Inflatable World bed. £4,000+vat.
Big Red Balls 4 wm
The Big Red Balls | £2,500+vat. Helmets and neck braces included. Made by Airquee. Great condition. No fans. RPII tested.
Bungee Run London 1 wm
Bungee Run | £1,650+vat. Helmets, bungee ropes and batons included. Stunning infltable. Made by Inflatable World. Mint condition. No fan. RPII tested.
Human Table Football wm
Human Table Football | £4,000+vat. Brand new. All accessories included. Made by Inflatable World. Mint condition. No fan. RPII tested.
Mega Slide wm
Mega Slide | £2,200+vat. Made by Airquee. Great condition. No fan. RPII tested.
Circus BC wm
Circus Bouncy Castle. £750+vat.
Sumo Suits wm
Sumo Suits | £675+vat. Includes helmets and neck braces. Two 12x12ft luxury foam mats also available at £400+vat each. Made by Inflatable World. Almost brand new - mint condition.
Snowboard Simulator Bed wm
Snowboard Simulator Bed | £950+vat. Stunning inflatable, beautiful artwork. Made by Inflatable World. Mint condition. No fan. RPII tested.
Table Tennis wm
1 Table Tennis Table | £150+vat. Good condition.
Rodeo Football wm
Rodeo Football Attachment | £450+vat. made by G.S Engineering. Mint condition.
Giant Clipper Board
Giant Clapper Board | Clownfish made. £350+vat. Mint condition.
led cubes wm
LED Cubes (set of 8) | £240+vat. Made by Lumaform. Average condition.
Stage Blocks
8x4x1ft Stage Blocks (set of 5) | £350+vat. Made by Grumpy Joes. Good condition.
HK PA System
HK Elias PA System (2 sub, 2 top) HK Audio | £1,200+vat. Made by HK Audio. Good condition.
Bubble Machine
Bubble Machine | £25+vat. Poor condition.
£25+vat SOLD
Ligthing Desk
Leap Frog Lighting Desk (including flightcase) | £650+vat. Made by Zero 88. Mint condition.
HK PA System
DJ Stand with star cloth (truss not included) | £50+vat. Made by Ultimax. Poor condition.
Marquee Chandeliers wm
Marquee Chandeliers including poly cases. £220+vat for set of two. Mint condition.
Speaker Set wm
DAP Speaker Set £300+vat. Includes powered amp. Can be used for playing iPods, instruments and microphones. Good condition.
Pool Snooker Case wm
Trifibre pool case. Fits a standard 7ft table. Poor condition. £50+vat.
Distro 2 wm
32a to 4way 13a Distro Cable. £65. Average condition.