What to expect at Clownfish.

We believe everybody deserves the opportunity to grow; to thrive; to prosper. Especially at work.

After all, that is where we spend the greatest chunk of our week. We call it ‘flourishing’. And it’s what we’re all about.

Rigging events. Live-streaming from the studio. Delivering entertainment. Creating stories. When work ‘works’, it puts a spring in our step (or a swish in our swim).

We also believe our team should be free to be themselves. In fact, it’s what we want. It’s our differences that make us unique, interesting and creative. We may all be different fish but, in this school, we always swim together – we’re diverse and inclusive. It makes for a fun workplace where self-worth, genuine friendships and opportunities flourish.

The really exciting thing is we’ve only just dipped our toes in the water. We still have huge ambitions. We’re ready to show the world that a successful business cares about people and the planet more than profits.

We’re looking for outstanding people who share these ambitions. Big fish who are ready to dive in the deep end and swim against the tide.

After all, only dead fish go with the flow.

Good to know before you apply.

What we expect at Clownfish.

Our values underpin the way we work – together, and for our clients. We use them to remind us to keep on swimming the right way, even if the current tries to push us off course.

Team first – we’re all about people, people!

5 Star – do your best to make things the best they can be.

Growth-bound – we’re entrepreneurial by nature so we try to keep that spirit alive.

Fun – in everything we do, because life’s better that way.

Honesty – with each other and with clients.

Generosity – with our time, our feedback, our emotions and our money.

Sound like you?

Jump into our vacancies below – the water’s lovely.