Shinnyo balloons
Event Production

Festival of Joy


What do you get if you cross an ancient form of Buddhism, 1500 wireless headsets, half a kilometre of festoon lighting and a team of Clownfish event professionals?

Check out the Shinnyo Village Festival.

Stretched Tent
Event Hire

Gimme shelter!


What a scorcher! This wall-to-wall sunshine is set to continue for the forseeable, so if you need to cast some shade over an upcoming event check out our brand new Stretch Tent.

At 10m x 15m, it’s a great option for outdoor weddings, garden parties and corporate events where your guests need a bit of shelter from the elements. Add coconut matting and seating for a cool dining or lounge area, then deck it with twinkly lights to create a magical, festival atmosphere when darkness falls.

Get in touch to find out more, or see it in action at the Shinnyo Village Festival.

T Shirt Printing
Event Hire

Baby, it’s cold outside


No, that’s not a bug in our website timeline - we really are thinking about Christmas!

It may be sweltering out there, but let’s talk Christmas jumpers. Whether you like yours sparkly and stylish or outrageously ugly, it’s an essential addition to your winter wardrobe, am I right?

The trouble is, there’s nothing worse than making your entrance at the office festive lunch to find three other people wearing the same High Street option. Fashion catastrophe. What you need - what everyone needs - is a personalised Christmas jumper.

“But where would I find such a couture item?”, I hear you cry! Clearly the answer is Clownfish. You’re on our website, after all.

Christmas Jumper Printing is a superb addition to your office Christmas party. Hire it alongside a Digital Graffiti Wall or Giant Snow Globe and we’ll print your festive photos and in-joke slogans onto jumpers (or t-shirts) there and then for every guest to take home and wear with pride.

For more details or to book your Christmas party slot, get in touch.

Foot Darts
Event Hire

Football Fever


Today’s the day! The World Cup 2018 kicks off this evening with the hosts, Russia, playing Saudi Arabia.

If football fever has made it to your neck of the woods, keep that excitement alive at your summer event with one of our football-themed hires.

Foot Darts is awesome fun - a cross between football and darts on a giant scale and guaranteed to convince even the most reluctant football fan to have a go. Find out more and book it here.

Wimbledon Bookfest 6
Events Business

Let us entertain you


Want to know what first inspired MD Matt Turner to get into events?

Read about his innate desire to entertain - and inspiration from a certain Mr Williams - on the Business Advice blog.

Polka 2
Event Production

Building the Polka Imaginarium


How do you turn a children’s theatre into a setting fit for a sparkling gala dinner? With a sprinkling of Clownfish magic, of course!

The organisers of the Polka Imaginarium Gala Dinner, in aid of the theatre’s renovation project, wanted their event to take place in the theatre itself. What better place to inspire its supporters?

The Clownfish team set about removing the seats from the stalls and replacing them with staging blocks at the same height as the theatre’s own stage.

The result? A huge party space and a unique opportunity to dine and dance the night away in this fabulous venue.

Watch our crew in action in this fascinating time-lapse of the de-rig.