We’ve launched a brand new live-streaming, TV & film studio! Check out Clownfish Studios.

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Debbie 50th case study lights truss

Light it up.

Professional sound and lighting that takes your party from standard to spectacular.

Sprinkle on some stress-free sparkle.

You know and we know it – a great party is all about the atmosphere. But how do you conjure up that elusive feeling that sears itself into guests' memories for weeks to come?

Actually, it’s pretty easy. A good quality, professional sound system and carefully thought-out lighting effects will make all the difference. Just take a look at our portfolio to see what we mean, then give us a call to talk through your ideas.  

It doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated, but it will be worth it.

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5.00 average from 211 reviews


Thoroughly enjoyed the AGS Rocks presentation in the new Clownfish studio. The questioner got answers to aspects of the art others had wondered about, and interesting to see designs being put together. Well done Anna and those who built that studio!


We thoroughly enjoyed watch AGS Rocks' launch evening. We thought that it was all very professional.

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