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We are proud to announce that we have teamed up with Surrey Sports Park for exclusive team building events and away days!

Get out of the office and have some fun!

If you’re looking for top-notch team building activities in a world-class venue just a stone’s throw from London, check out Surrey Sports Park.

Clownfish Events is proud to partner with this fabulous location to bring you exclusive team building events and corporate away days that are a clear cut above the rest.

Surrey Sports Park’s outstanding sport and leisure facilities are the perfect setting for our signature multi-player experiences like It’s a Knockout Around the World, Extreme Combat Games and Sports Day Races; and with conference rooms, a bar and a restaurant on-site there’s every reason to make a day of it.

Think you don’t need team building? Think again. Here are some benefits…

Research shows that team-building days improve morale and reduce stress, helping your people become more productive, creative and resilient.

Not only that, but enjoying time together outside the normal environment can also help foster an upbeat atmosphere and build social relationships.

A professionally run team-building event will empower your employees; clarify their personal contribution; build self-esteem and encourage a much-needed screen break.

Five reasons to take time out

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Book your team in now!

We’ll be running a very special, shared team-building day on Friday 19th July. If you work for a smaller company, or want an event for a single department or team, this is a great opportunity to share the cost with other organisations and meet other, like-minded teams at the same time. Book now.

If you’d rather have the day all to yourself, we’ll be running two events per week throughout June and July. Give us a call now to secure your preferred date.

Stuck for what to do? Here’s some inspiration for you… Team Building Ideas

Giving Back.

We’re super excited that Clownfish Events has pledged to donate £1 for every participant in a team-building event at Surrey Sports Park.

This money will be used to pay for wellbeing and mental health initiatives for University of Surrey students, giving them access to a wealth of courses, workshops and activities designed to support them during their university journey and beyond.

So, when you book an event to improve wellbeing for your own team, you’re also supporting the next generation of employees as they make their way into the workplace.

It’s a real team win.

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