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Working with Clownfish

When you make a booking with Clownfish, we ask you to spend a minimum of £750 plus vat; that’s £900. Here’s why:

1.     First and foremost, it’s about the safety and wellbeing of our team.

The nature of our work means that we often find ourselves packing up heavy kit outside a venue late at night. 

It’s just not sensible to send one person to do this alone, so wherever feasible we insist on operating in groups of two or more. Our minimum order value covers that cost.

2.     This is not just any old events kit.

We own, maintain, insure, store and clean all our own equipment. It is state of the art, top of the range and in immaculate condition.

It lives in an equally immaculate warehouse where it is looked after by a team of (let’s face it) pretty geeky production managers. None of that comes cheap.

3.     We’re not an event hire company; we prefer to see the bigger picture.

If you just want to hire a bouncy castle for a summer fair or a photo booth for your party, we’re probably not your best fit. That’s because we specialise in event management and production on a larger scale.

Working to the standard that our clients expect doesn’t warrant the operational challenges of small, one-off hires. Sorry about that, but we can recommend a few good event hire companies.

Still with us? Then find out more about why we could be your new favourite events company here.