Introducing Clownfish Studios

Introducing the brand new Clownfish Studios

Welcome to Clownfish Studios!

Since 2009, our team have dominated the events scene, with 5 star reviews across the board, a client list to die for and a number of industry awards.

However, since COVID-19 hit us in 2020, our whole mantra of ‘bringing people together’ wasn’t possible. Or legal. So, utilising our in-house production team and equipment, we invested a further £250,000 and built Clownfish Studios, right here in our warehouse in Chessington.

Why Clownfish Studios?

2021 is the year that all businesses, large and small, are having to embrace online content like never before. And for those without the technical know-how, it can easily feel like you’re falling behind. 

That ends here. 

We believe great videos and seamless live streaming ought to be simple, rewarding and shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg to achieve. With the existing infrastructure and technical knowledge of a sound and lighting company, we’re helping clients to create professional quality video and content, which they never believed they could.

Our TV Studio is fully-equipped with cameras, video control, live streaming capabilities, sound, lighting, sets, plenty of space and a team of award-winning geeks and creatives that’ll go the extra mile. It really is epic. 

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